Have you inherited a IRA? This is a MUST WATCH!

In late December of 2019, The SECURE Act became enacted into law. If you were the beneficiary of a loved one’s IRA (or other retirement account) and they passed away after January 1st of 2020, there is a new set of rules that will affect that inherited retirement account. Nic draws up an easy-to-follow flowchart to show what rules your inherited IRA will follow depending on your unique situation.

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When you watch the video, you'll see that Nic has drawn up this flow chart that shows you exactly what rules would apply to you depending on your unique situation. You can click the image above or follow the link below to view and download the graphic to use for reference.

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RMD deadlines are approaching! (Dec. 31)

So, how can you make the best of them?

For many with money sitting inside of a pre-tax retirement account, it’s time to start thinking about taking their required minimum distributions. And depending on your situation, taking your RMDs may not exactly be ideal! Nic gives you some ideas on how to make the most out of those distributions. Online calculators, qualified charitable distributions, and investing your RMDs.

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