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10 Ways Real Estate Pros Can Save When Money Is Tight

We've been featured! Brian gives real estate professionals some advice...

The National Association of Realtors reached out to us at The Real Money Pros to help give some advice to those in the real estate industry for when their income is lower than previous years. These tips also apply to anyone else in any industry whose income is based on commission.

Here are the highlighted sections:

  1. Beef Up Your Reserves

  2. Revisit Your Spending Habits

  3. Re-evaluate Where You're Investing Money

  4. Get Smarter About Taxes

  5. Create a Budget

  6. Open Specialized Savings Accounts

  7. Keep on Investing

  8. Consider a Side Hustle

  9. Bank on the Future

  10. Find Extra Guidance

Read the whole article for free here:


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